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Norhire Pty Ltd Testimonial

By February 9, 2017No Comments
[ap_testimonial image=”” image_shape=”undefined” client=”Gary Stevenson” designation=”Managing Director
Norhire Pty Ltd”] We had been going to upgrade our website but it was continually being put off. We finally requested quotes from a number of web design companies of which GNT Graphic Services was one. After a number of phone conversations it was agreed that Greg would design a new Logo and set up a new website for us. It is now one year after our website was first set up and we have completed our first yearly overhaul of the site. Greg and GNT have been involved from the beginning and have provided a thoroughly professional service the whole way, even though I have never personally met him and we are situated in Cairns, at the other end of Queensland. His attention to detail and honest desire and ambition to make our website the best it can possibly be has resulted in a very slick and professional site. We are continually being complemented about the simplicity and ease of operation of our site, all thanks to Greg and GNT. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Greg and the team from GNT Graphic Services, their ethical and professional service is second to none.