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This image is part of the home page for the Gears & Winches Website, click on the image to view the full page. Gears and Winches are a gears and winches manufacturing company based in Brisbane. Our clients required a site to professionally portray their all gearing manufacturing, engineering services and range of winches that they export world wide on natural cleaning alternatives. We designed them a very fresh, stylish and modern looking site, incorporating a natural colour palette. This site operates a main menu situated on the lefthand side of the browser window which is fixed and always in view wherever a use is on a webpage. The home page is made up of sections which are scrolled through either manually or by the main menu, the top section is a full page image slider which gives you the tools needed to create ads for your services/products or anything you would want to promote. Images, text & call to action buttons can be laid over the top of a background image for each slide in the image slider gallery. The following sections under that all act as part or a page of the site with only the services & contact pages being separate from the home page. This style of site is both modern & stylish, it makes it easy for a user to navigate the sections of the site. Please feel free to visit this site and contact me  for a quote on designing your new website.

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