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Shop home page consisting of product categories, shopping cart, new products, featured products, top sellers, specials and suppliers.


This image is a example of a website designed for InkSuperstore. Our client required a website and online shop to promote their large range of inks to a potential world wide market. Because of the extensive range of inks the site needs to carry, we had to develop a ink finder system. As most people usually don’t know what ink cartridge model or serial number they need, the ink finder not only had to locate the inks via their brand, model or serial number, it had to be able to locate suitable inks via the printer brand and model. When a new ink product is added to the site in admin it is automatically loaded in to the ink finder search system making it a very streamlined process for the administrator of the site. The online shop we have designed and constructed for this client is both robust and lightweight. It can handle an endless amount of categories and products, and still operate at speed (over 3,000 products). This website consists of a fully functional online shop with shopping cart, shipping, taxes and payment options ie: credit card through Pay Pal and direct bank deposit (for those customers that prefer not to pay online). This shop is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Inclusive of contact us page, new products page, specials page, customer login and sitemap. Powering the shop is a comprehensive back office/admin panel, where you can maintain your shop by adding, deleting or updating categories and products. Tracking customers, orders, payments, shipping, sales stats and stock is a breeze with the user friendly admin panel. Please feel free to visit this site and contact me for a quote on designing your new website.

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