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New Website for Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats

By July 14, 2016No Comments
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Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats.


Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats Construction Page.

This image is a example of a website designed for a Brisbane based boat building company. The clients brief for this site was they required, a new website, that presented a professional online image for their company & would showcase their Pontoon boat building, they also required a online shop for the spare parts side of the business incorporated into the site. The site consists of the webpages for the boat building with the option to create online custom boat ordering. A complete online shop with comprehensive back office / admin panel. The clients also wanted to be able to update and maintain the site themselves, so the site is driven by a content management system eg: (back office), which is both robust and user friendly making adding or changing content and images a breeze. Please feel free to visit this site and contact me for a quote on designing your new website.


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Runaway bay Pontoon Boats

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